How To Teach the Research Report: Soft Cover

How to Teach the Research Report contains a step-by-step plan for teaching the research report. Teachers can begin teaching the steps for research report writing by modeling the research report with one-paragraph reports. The students can then practice the steps repeatedly until they have mastered this very complex skill. Now, with confidence, the students can practice writing five-paragraph research reports. Finally, transitioning to the three- to five-page research report is almost effortless as the students use the skills from the one- and five-paragraph reports to complete this task.

This book contains three separate lesson plans; one for the one-paragraph report, one for the five-paragraph report; and one for the three- to five-page report. This means that elementary school teachers can spend all the time they need to teach the one-paragraph and five-paragraph research report. If their students are ready, they can attempt the longer report. Middle and high school teachers can quickly teach the first two lessons as a review and jump to the three- to five-page research report. This book is also perfect for home school parents as its methodical approach will help them make sense of a very difficult concept like research report writing.

The format of this book leaves nothing to chance. The teacher is given everything needed to help students master research report writing. When finished, students will be able to organize their ideas from multiple resources, then format and write their reports within weeks and without help from parents or teachers.

How To Teach the Research Report: Soft Cover
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